Thursday, February 19, 2009

Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut....

Thanks again for the pictures, Chris. 

While watching my usual after-gym show, I had a realization. It would suck to be Tiger Woods.....not. But seriously, it would suck to be blind. Worse even if you could see before and then became blind. Here are some things that flashed through my mind as I pondered:

1. You could never skydive. The dog would be scared to death.

2. You'd have a valid excuse for running stop signs. 

3. Your favorite color would be corduroy.

4. Your favorite song? Corey Heart's "Sunglasses at Night"

5. The first warm, spring day on KU campus would not be the same.

6. Blind dates?

7. My golf game would likely improve.

8. The Benzo CLS would be just another car.

9. Miranda Kerr would not dominate my dreams.

10. Career Path? Big 12 referee.

"The Underdog" The Spoons. Do it.

<----- dream car

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