Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Pics and Taxes?

Allow me to pimp my brother's incredible photography for a moment.


There will be plenty more. 

I just did my taxes the other weekend. Phew. Excuse me while I rant.

Who in the hell thought of the idea to take 27% of MY money before I can even argue otherwise? I work hard. Kinda. I enjoy the money I get. I'd enjoy getting a little bit more of the money that I'm paid. 

I honestly don't mind the idea of chipping in a little to help with roads, military, education blah blah blah. In theory, its genius. In reality, it sucks. Increasing tax % with higher incomes is retarded. Why "punish" those who make more? It takes away the impetus to succeed. 

And another thing... how many politicians have to get caught "making mistakes" on their taxes until it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don't pay what we do? 

16 days till they put my check in the mail? Crap. I need that money for important buying peanut butter that doesn't have good ole salmonella flavoring.

Mike Rowe is brilliant. Quite funny too.

music - "Pets" - Porno for Pyros

I heard this song while out last night and had a 90's flashback. Couldn't name it. Neither could anyone at the table. Solution? Midomi for the iPhone. If only MacGyver had an iPhone...

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